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-- PlantBoy --
The goal of the game is to harvest crops, but for your crops to grow you need water! And planet-rabbit-land, there is no water! So you must kill rabbits, harvest their blood, and use it to water your crops!

You will need either a Gameboy emulator, or a flash cart to play this, this is a *REAL* Gameboy DMG game!

-- Controls --
D-Pad - Move
A - Shoot
B - Water Crops

-- More details --
PlantBoy was a challenge, the goal was never to win, or even do well! I set out in the hopes of creating a simple, functioning *real* Gameboy game, written fully in z80 assembly in 48 hours.

Having about only a weeks experience in z80 assembly, and only little knowledge of assembly in general this was a big challenge. I'm happy with how far I got though, I plan to refine the code a little in the next few days.

Oh, and if anyone actually does play this on a physical Gameboy, and not an emulator, please record a video of it and show me! I've only been able to test this on emulators myself.

Install instructions

This game requires a Gameboy DMG emulator, something like VisualBoyAdvance or gambatte.


plantboy.gb 16 kB

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